What does New Year mean to me?

I love New year. I love the idea of a clean slate. New beginnings and new goals. A new found enthusiasm and positivity about a new chapter.


What I do like to do at the beginning of every year is make an ‘I like list’. Ive been doing it since I was a teenager. It changes slightly every year, and I have loved reading over my transformation over the years. It also helps focus on the things that are positive and gets me off to a good happy place at the beginning of January.

Things I like….. 2017

Simple living ,
Experimenting with cooking
Beautiful Photographs
The Seaside
Instagram  (a little too much)
Exploring London
Tea with my girlfriends
Nina Simone
Big Ideas.

Just  few small things that come to mind, is all that it is. A little summary of my life at the time.


As far as resolutions go…. hmmmm

1. To read more.

2.To take more photographs just for me

3. Exercise more. (any tips on how a busy mum can exercise more? I Hate the gym)

4.Put that phone away! (I’m guilty)

5. To eat less meat and dairy. ( it really isn’t kind)

For now the Detox will start, as my jeans barely fit this morning. ( too many of those damn mince pies)


Out comes the Deliciously Ella book, always a great place to start for some healthy eating inspiration. you can order it here

A fabulous diary, to inspire me every day, is the Bando Diary – I really love it. You can buy it from ‘Not On The High Street’

Thank you for reading – I wish you all an amazing 2017

Lots of Love Tia xx


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