Pebble Child – Empowering Women

I discovered “Pebble Child” Just before Christmas. I was doing some photography for a gift shop, and I had a few of the toys to photograph, and I instantly fell in love with the lovely quality and feel of them. The beautiful care taken to hand make each toy is apparent instantly.

I then went on to look them up and realised what a fabulous company they are.

Pebble Child “Fair Trade” toys are made in Bangladesh. Samantha Morshed quite an outstanding woman, started a Non profit organisation Hathay Bunano. She started by teaching 24 women how to knit, from there she has gone on to employ over 2000 women  working in rural production centres around the country including creche facilities and pre schools. Read more about this amazing company here.

When I started blogging, I promised myself that I would only promote and support companies that I truly believe in, and I couldn’t have found a more fitting company. I am truly honoured to have received gifts from this amazing organisation to blog about.

When browsing through their website my son was so excited when I said I would be receiving toys from them.  The beautiful designs are eye catching, bright and truly beautiful.

So when we actually did receive them , he was so excited, to play with them. The soft handmade toy box is lovely storage, that suits the decor in my home perfectly. He has gone to bed with all of his “new friends” everyday since he has received them. The quality is outstanding, the bright colours and textured fabric are so so gorgeous.

It really is such a wonderful way to give back, knowing that families are given sustainable, regular, flexible employment and a chance to give their own children  better life, it really is  something that one can be humbled by.

See the amazing range of toys you can purchase here

Thank you for stopping by,

Lots of love

Tia x



Once upon a time ‘Cowboy’


Monkey Rattle 


Cushion – Robot Spark 


Once upon a time ‘Pirate’


Toy Box – Robot Tin 

Thank you to Pebble Child, for kindly sponsoring this post.




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