Flower School With Your London Florist

Last Tuesday I spent the day at ‘your London florist’ flower school in Crews Hill –  North London learning how to make ‘hand tied bouquets’.

I was very excited to be joining them. My love for flowers is very apparent through my Instagram feed, so spending the day learning and working with flowers was a real treat.

The day started with a  lovely cup of tea, delicious pastries and introductions. There were six students altogether. Our teacher Violeta gave us a brief outline of what we were going to be doing on the day. My particular course included a traditional hand tied bouquet in the morning and a wild bouquet in the afternoon.

We were provided with all the equipment we needed and we started soon after our introductions.

All equipment is provided on the course


Our teacher – Violeta gave us detailed demonstrations throughout the day. Our first lesson being how to condition flowers. How to prepare them so they would last longer and to show off the bloom in the nicest way. She demonstrated how to complete a hand tie, with detailed information that was very easy to understand and follow.

Lovely Violeta showing us her amazing skills.



In no time at all, we were all underway making our hand ties using the most beautiful flowers –  Peonies, Roses, Dahlias, it was like a dream. There were two teachers on hand to offer guidance. It was so much fun and so rewarding to see the bouquet coming together. DSC_7033

So proud of my first bouquet
Such lovely ladies to share this wonderful day with



When all the blooms were gathered and tied, we were also taught how to wrap and complete our beautiful bouquets.

My first bouquet complete with wrapping


We then had a break for lunch, where we had more cups of tea, and got to know each other a little more. It was really nice to meet a new group of creative people.

We then got ready for our second bouquet, which was to be a little less constructed and little more ‘wild’. We used more varieties of beautiful flowers – Sunflowers, Larkspurs, Rubekias, Aster’s and even more Peonies, with lots more foliage this time.


Violeta once again showed us how to complete the bouquet and we were all very eager to start. Once again we all amazed ourselves with our own beautiful creations. DSC_7143DSC_7168DSC_7193

It was such a fun day, and very rewarding learning about all the different flowers, how to look after them and make them into such wonderful bouquets. I really recommend this experience for anyone who loves flowers as I do. This course would make a great gift for someone or even a treat to yourself. You can find more information about ‘Your London Florist ‘ Here   – They offer lots of different courses, some that only last for half a day, and some that are 3 days and more. DSC_7200

Thank you ‘Your London Florist ‘ for a fabulous day.

This post was in collaboration with ‘Your London Florist.
However, all opinions are my own.

Thank you for stopping by,

Lots of Love

Tia x

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