Summer in Cyprus with The Turkish Shop

This summer we spent our holidays in Cyprus. My dad renovated an old building by the sea, and it’s been the first year that we’ve stayed there.
Cyprus is a charming island, full of history, beautiful landscape, sunshine all year round and gorgeous beaches. Our house is situated by the town of Kyrenia, which is in the north,  a sleepy part of the island. The pace is slow, and it’s a good place to recharge your batteries. It was the perfect place for me to spend some time reflecting on the past year and clearing the decks for the new school year.


Quiet Beaches all to ourselves in Karsiyaka

We filled our days with swimming in the sea, exploring little villages and lots of lovely food.



Belapais Abbey – Where I had my wedding reception


Wherever I went I carried a Peshtemal Hammam Towel. When The Turkish Shop offered to send me a lovely set of these towels, I honestly thought they were ‘just’ a set of beach towels – I was absolutely wrong! They were a godsend! They were lightweight and thin enough to put into my straw beach basket bag, absorbent and soft enough to dry us off after a swim. Ideally used as a beach towel, but could also be used as a sarong wrap after the beach. In the evening when there was a breeze by the sea, I used it as a shawl. We even used them on the plane home, as a blanket when the children fell asleep.


So soft and lightweight made with organic cotton
All of our towels would fit into my bag wherever we went.


The set I received was specifically designed with a holiday in mind, the colours taken from the sun, sand and sea, however, they stock lots of colours and I’m quite sure I’ll be investing in the lovely grey ones for my home. You can shop and see the entire range here – Peshtemal -. I can honestly say I will never buy a “normal” beach towel again, I loved using them so much!


At the end of beach days, We would drive to little beach side restaurants where we ate fresh fish with salad – I have a couple of little ones to recommend here & here


Not having a routine was the toughest part of the holiday for me, as well as having limited wifi,  I was never sure of the time of day and felt like I was cut off from the real world. It threw me out of sync for a while and made me feel lost! However looking back in hindsight, I needed this to rebalance and reassess. I felt like I had a 3-week meditation.


After this lovely time away, I feel refreshed and ready to take on a new school year, my batteries have been recharged and I look forward to revisiting this peaceful, friendly and beautiful island soon.

This post was kindly sponsored by The Turkish Shop, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by,

Lots of love

Tia x




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