Decorating for Halloween

As the years go by, it seems the UK is slowly catching up with North America with Halloween festivities. Ever since marrying my Canadian husband, we celebrate North American traditions a little more in the house, so Hubby can feel a little more at home.

I’ve been collecting Halloween ornamants and decorations for a few years now, especially since the children love decorating the house with all the spooky fun stuff you can find in the supermarkets. However, its quite hard to find a nice balance between tacky and a little too scary for the children.

I’ve gathered a little bit of my favourite decorations into a corner of my home to show you how I find a balance of fun and also a little bit of stylish. I dont normally gather everything into one corner, but I thought I’d show you all of the options you have to make your home a little more spooky for this fun celebration.

I like to mix a bit of harvest /autumn decor with Halloween, as I love all the bright orange hues. Most of my home is decorated in neautral colours so I can adjust the decor to the season. DSC_8455

Word decor is really cool, and I love the “Trick or Treat’  sign  (home bargains last season)  on the Mirror , Ive also added the peg board (From Amazon) on the mantle and the Little Lightbox.


This gorgeous pumpkin vase is from Home Sense (last season) – they always have lovley seasonal items and I always try and grab a little something from there every year to add to my collection.  I like to mix vintage items with my modern home, and these vintage books are always a permanent fixture, and will move from room to room throughout the year.


The Black frame was also a purchase from Amazon , and I found a black and white skull image online and printed it, you could use more word art, if the little ones find it too scary.
Ive also mixed some sparkly pumpkins (home sense) with real ones –  Supermarkets are catching onto the  pumpkin trend and different varieties can be found widely. White Ghost Pumkin below is from M & S .


Dried Hydrangeas are in abundance at the moment, and the darker varieties, look lovely for a spooky feel. I have also dried some seasonal berries to add to the colour theme. The spooky Latern is from Costco ( last season),  the children love seeing it every year. Costco also stocks lots of seasonal things and is also worth a look.


This section is not so Halloween, but I love to add the colour orange and yellow to my home in Autumn, I keep cushions in my seasonal boxes that I bring out, with the rest of the decorations. These beautful orange lanterns are so gorgeous this time of year.


And there it is… A little bit of a spooky feel to my home, makes me smile and makes the children so excited. I do love to celebrate the seasons. I hope you found this post useful and maybe a little inspiring to decorate a little too ( even if you dont have children).

A huge thank you to ‘Your London Florist‘ for providing all the lovely berries, lanterns & hydrangeas.

Have a very Happy Halloween


Lots of love

Tia x

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