Valentines gift ideas for Him – With Racheal from The Beard Shed


Finally, the longest month is behind us! With 5 Mondays in one month, it felt like January 2018 lasted a total of 98 days, not 31!

Just when you thought you could relax and settle into February, Valentine’s Day is leering around the corner. I know, first, pay day after Christmas and you’re already shelling out on more gifts! The expense aside, what on earth should you be buying him? Do not fear, Valentines Day doesn’t have to be as stressful as the weekend before Christmas at Westfield shopping centre.

To make life easy we have curated our 5 top picks for your loved one. Anyone of these gifts will be sure to keep you in their good books. All you need to do is identify which type of guy your man is and get ordering his gift today.

valentine's day gift guide by The Beard Shed


1 -The man who has it all
Who can resist a candle…or as we like to call candles for gents ‘MANDLES’. Keep his man-cave smelling of the Mediterranean rather than the local farm and order an Agua De Colonia candle, a fine blend of essential oils poured into a glass, etched jar. Banish the winter blues and bring the scent of summer into his home with a distinctive combination of lemon and eucalyptus.
Agua De Colonia is a well-established perfume house in Madrid, over many years the recognisable Agua De Colonia scent has been perfected and is now loved by refined gents all over the world. You can shop for the candle here

2 – Technology Lover
If he is sporting the latest Apple watch then keep his wrist looking stylish and pick up one of the Jord Apple straps. Made from natural wood with titanium links, the Jord Apple watch straps are contemporary, unique and available in 4 different looks. Adding a Jord strap to an Apple watch is an instant up to date look, these watch straps are handmade and can be personalised. The Jord website link is here

3 – The Organised Traveller
Does your man drive you nuts when on holiday, always putting his phone, earphones, sunglasses into your beach bag and then you spend the whole day rummaging through your bag looking for his items? We have found the perfect travelling companion for your man. The Lorton & Horn travel wallet, available in 4 colours and 3 sizes, made from premium leather and will wear like a Chesterfield sofa to give it a worn, vintage look. Best of all these travel wallets can be personalised with his initials. The Lorton & Horn Website link is here

4 – Bearded Wonder
Mariner Jack beard care products not only look great but will also keep his beard in tip-top condition. Don’t be fooled into thinking that beards don’t need grooming, there are a whole array of beard care products ranging from beard washes, beard balms and beard oils. We have tested many products and Mariner Jack repeatedly comes out on top. Regular maintenance of the beard is essential for keeping the beard soft and manageable, nobody wants to kiss a cactus! The Beard Shed website link is here 

5- Whiskey Enthusiast
Add some Japanese spirit to Valentine’s Day this year with the luxury yet affordable Hibiki Suntory Whiskey. This wasn’t a difficult product to test! However, we took this one seriously to ensure you don’t have to be put through the difficult task of Whiskey sampling. Hibiki Suntory Japanese Whiskey has notes of Orange and honey with a light oak finish. With Japanese whiskies now leading the way, you will be onto a winner with this one. You can shop this whiskey at the Whiskey Exchange the link is here 


I hope you found  these tips useful,

Enjoy Valentines, whatever you may be doing

Much love

Tia & Racheal x


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