Getting Cosy for Autumn with the Towel Shop

As Autumn days are upon us, and the doors and windows close. I love the anticipation of cosy days and nights at home. I love the transition of the seasons and try to embrace each one with open arms – savouring everything that makes each one quite magical.

Autumn leaves, Hot Chocolate, pumpkins and conkers. Watching colour turn from fresh green into warm Autumn hues of reds, golds and browns. Spending time at home with family baking, reading and relaxing. I love these cosy months.

When The lovely team at The Towel shop contacted me for a collaboration, the timing could not have been more perfect. They stock the cosiest and snuggliest products, which are perfect for nesting season.


The Bamboo Towel Range :

Are the softest and whitest towels I have ever come across. I have always heard about bamboo as a fibre but had never tried or bought anything that was made of it. I asked to try this range in particular so I could research a little bit more about bamboo, and of course pass on the information, I found to you!

  • Bamboo is highly absorbent and ultra soft, according to the information I found it is resistant to odour, mould, mildew and bacteria, which makes it both luxurious and practical.
  • Its Hypo-Allergenic, which makes it perfect for little ones.
  • I also found that it is environmentally responsible ( and my favourite fact). Bamboo doesn’t need pesticides or fungicides as it is seldom eaten by insects or infected by pathogens.
  • It’s a sustainable resource, it only takes 3 years for a bamboo tree to reach maturity. Regrowth occurs astonishingly rapidly.

Source: Google


So it’s win-win!  Bamboo is environmentally ethical and is super lovely to have in your home! the Towel shop stock a wide range of colours and sizes at such reasonable prices and they can be found here 

The Bathrobe is my favourite – There is nothing quite like a white fluffy bathrobe.
Sunday morning bliss


The Towel shop stock a wide range of colours but of course white is my favourite!



Feather & Down Duvets

The Towel shop stock a wide range of bedding too! Autumn / Winter days require a good fluffy duvet for keeping you cosy and warm. I’m all about small pleasures and there is nothing quite like a duvet day!

I wanted to try the goose and feather down range in particular, as I know that The Towel shop stock a wide range at really reasonable prices. Holy feather ! The duvet feels so lightweight but is so lovely and warm.  The feathers, as they do in nature are highly insulative whilst still being breathable, to keep you comfortable and warm as you sleep.

A Feather and down duvet will last many years if looked after properly but is heavenly to sleep in. It is well worth the price difference over a synthetic duvet in my opinion.



Hop on over to The Towel shop website to view their full range. They specialise in these items and the prices of a luxurious can be more reasonable than a high street retailer. You will not be disappointed. I certainly will be using them as my first point of call, when I need my next set of bedding and towels.

This blog post is a paid collaboration with The Towel shop, However, all opinions and views are my own.

Thank you for stopping by and reading, I appreciate it very much

Much love

Tia x

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