Visiting Sicily with Sicilian Confetti

I met Francesca when she booked me for her first baby’s christening. From the first telephone conversation, it was quite clear that we got on and were quite like minded. We chatted for over an hour like we had been friends for years. I was really pleased when she booked me again for her second baby’s newborn shoot (it’s really the only indication to know if a client really liked your work )  and I spent the day with her as I photographed her new baby girl.

A newborn shoot can take up to 4/5 hours, so we had lots of chatting to get through, it was then that Fran said … ‘Tia I would love to have a job like you, one that can work around my kids’ I replied “What do you want to do Fran?’ I want to become a wedding planner she said, but not here in the UK, but for Sicilian weddings. Fran’s parents are Sicilian and she knows the island like the back of her hand. ” Well?’ I responded, ‘What are you doing about it? ‘ ‘Nothing’ she said.

This is the bit I know I’m good at – Making a plan, inspiring others, having a positive attitude towards dreams and ambitions. It can make such a difference. It can transform your life. So it was in those small moments, while I photographed her baby that we discussed her plan, and how she could make it a reality! It was then that I half-joked….. ‘ Well Fran, you’re going to do this, and not only are you going to do this, but your going to fly me to Sicily, to take photos of your venues, and you are going to show me around your beautiful island while we eat amazing food! I giggled.

And that friends……. is exactly what we did!

Fran took a course in wedding planning, and nearly 2 years later is now officially open for business. We flew to Sicily, to photograph all the fabulous venues that she offers.


Stunning Views
Breath-taking locations



Isn’t it amazing what can happen, if you take a leap of faith? I am a true believer in positive affirmations.

Sicily is truly stunning, such a beautiful location for a wedding.

Fran showed me so many places, that I just couldn’t take in any more beauty by the end of it. I was overwhelmed by the number of sites that we visited. gorgeous modern locations with stunning views, castles, wineries and even a fish factory ( which was my favourite).


This is my friend Fran, I loved sharing my first business trip with her, she’s hard working and passionate about what she does, and I know she will be truly successful in her new venture. If you are thinking of booking a wedding abroad, then I definitely recommend contacting her.

You can find her via her Instagram handle here

As for me….. well! I personally conquered my first business trip without my children. I won’t lie there were tears, but I am a believer in pushing yourself. I managed the task at hand, as well as see the most beautiful island and eat the most delicious food. Happy days.

I really hope you enjoyed reading about my trip. I hope it inspires you in some way too. Our dreams only become a reality, if we work at them. You really do have the power to change your life.

Much Love

Tia xx

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