A Tour around London with Taste Tripper

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon Taste Tripper, but I found it while scrolling through Instagram as you do! I was so intrigued about the idea, that I asked the lovely Taste Tripper team if they would collaborate with me  so I could take my followers on a little taste trip around my hometown, and they agreed! How fabulous 🙂

So here is my Taste Tripper journey…

The beautiful bright yellow pack arrived in the post, with a map, little cards about the places I had an experience at, some information about the areas I  was to visit, some recipe cards and lots of little bits of quirky information. It really was such a lovely package to receive in the post.


The London Explorer pack was a great choice. Taste Tripper offer lots of other experiences however I love all things tea, coffee and chocolate! So this pack was perfect for me.

Planning the day was very easy, the map is a good guide, to explore certain areas. I downloaded the web app and we headed to our destination .

The Curators Coffee Gallery was our first stop and just lovely,  I took my daughter with me who is 12, as I thought it would make a fun day out together. We ordered our coffee & hot chocolate and claimed against the app that you show to the staff at the counter, who approve the purchase.

We loved the quirky art and friendly management, it was a really relaxed vibe although it was quite busy, the buzz was not over powering.


I do suggest checking with the places you are going to before you visit as one the shops were having some renovations done and it was closed.  So it ended up being a wasted journey.

So our next stop was Postcard Teas near Bond Street , it’s such a quiet peaceful shop with the widest range of teas I have ever seen. The shop is beautiful too. You really can’t leave without a photo of the facade of the shop! It’s very Instagrammable after all!

Postcard Teas takes tea brewing very seriously, and the staff had a vast knowledge of the teas we should try. Our Taste Tripper voucher also entitled us to a discount in the shop. DSC_6862


I met my friend Nancy here, and we tried lots of floral and fruity teas, each one a taste trip in itself.

All the tea drinking lead us onto our next adventure, at Melt Chocolate.

This was our favourite experience, although you must call in advance to book. We had a chocolate tasting experience, which was so interesting, tasty and educational. The staff were friendly and accommodating and we had a lovely time.

The Melt shop is beautiful – Minimal decor with pops of colour which really did look fabulous.


I highly recommend a visit to Melt while on the experience. You won’t be disappointed.

Our last stop of the day after having some lunch was Artisan Du Chocolat, which was filled to the brim with delicious treats. DSC_6893DSC_6890

We then headed home, after a treat filled day.

We had more cards that we could claim on another day, but we’ve saved those for another time. Taste Tripper really was a wonderful day out with my daughter, although she doesn’t really drink tea and coffee, there was enough that she could have too! Not only was it a fun tasting experience, but really lovely to travel the city in this way, like a little treasure hunt. I think Taste Tripper makes a wonderful gift or a little treat for yourself. Do check out their website here for other experiences, as they really have something for everyone.

The Taste Tripper experience was gifted to me, but it was completely my choice to do a write up about it. I felt that it deserved more than just a few Instagram stories to let you know how much of a lovely day it was.

Do feel free to message me with any questions you may have,

Thank you for stopping by,

Much Love

Tia x

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