A Masterclass with Trish McEvoy

It’s not every day you get invited to a masterclass with a Makeup Queen. 
I was truly thrilled to be joining Trish McEvoy -Yes the real in the flesh Trish McEvoy at her masterclass at Selfridges in London!!!

In fact, I’ve never been to a class to learn makeup. I pretty much wing my make up most of the time, most of it dabbed and smudged with my fingers and then hope for the best. I don’t think I do a bad job, but everyone elses makeup looks so much better than mine! Well, not as messy and  a little neater. That’s probably because I finger smudge. 

So it was a real honour to be invited to take part and learn a little bit more about the art of makeup. 

Me and My friend Antonia ( @tinkertailoronline) were invited together. We live in the same area, and it’s always a pleasure to attend blogging events with her. It really is nice to have a blogger friend that understands the pros and cons of the blogger world. One aspect is that we have our faces in our phones most of the time, and its not considered rude. We undertsnad protocol at blogging events and take photos for each other, so here she is, my smiley lovely friend. 

The event was really special from the start with waiter service of our drinks. The room was filled with women of all ages, wanting to learn more about the tips and tricks of the makeup world. Trish walked in and lit up the room, you felt her energy from the moment she got there. A warm, socialable unpretentious beautiful lady. I was in awe. 

Trish went through step by step processes with us, talking about various aspects that were really simple to apply yourself. I’m not great with makeup, but even I felt able to carry out the simple and clear instructions.

We also had the lovely Sara to give us a hand when we got stuck or had questions. The whole team were so lovely. We started with skin care and exfoliation which is always a must for good makeup application. 

I really couldn’t believe how hands-on Trish was. She demonstrated on stage but also came round to each of us to help and answer questions. We learned techniques to brighten under the eyes, how to apply blusher and eyeshadow and so much more. What really stood out for me was her unique method of using very simple colours that matched everyone’s skin tone and the really simple techniques that you could achieve yourself. 

That day made me feel really empowered and got me thinking about the many things that makeup does for us. There were ladies of all age groups, so excited to learn, all eager to take away this power that comes in these little bottles and powders. 

Trish made us all feel beautiful that day. I’m not saying for one moment you are not beautiful without makeup. What I am saying is that it’s a feeling that comes with applying makeup. Being a photographer, I encounter women’s disapproval of themselves on a daily basis. Most of my clients lack confidence or feel insecure about being in front of a lens. What makeup does is more than applying a little colour to your cheeks, it creates a confidence. Trish gave us a confidence class and I felt really lucky to be in her presence. To learn little tips and tricks that I could apply to my everyday routine 

I left the event feeling a real buzz and excitement. Little did i know that the goody bag included what I can only describe as ‘all my Christmases rolled into one’. A personalised bag filled with all the makeup I would need for every day. The Trish McEvoy counter at Selfridges in London has a personalising service and everything can be given a name or personal message! Such a lovely touch. ( Justin the engraver is at Selfridges only and is available from Wednesday through to Saturday) .

So this my friends is – The Power of Makeup Planner 2018 –  A Luxury makeup collection for the festive season and beyond. Trish has curated a collection that covers everything from a shopping trip to a festive party.  It has compartments and sections that you can use, take in and out and even put the smaller makeup bag in your handbag then return to your planner  for the evening

It’s such a beautiful collection and I know I will use it for years. I can adapt the planner to my needs and grow my collection according to the looks I choose.  

I am incredibly lucky to have been invited to such an event and I hope I could capture the vibrancy and energy that the event brought. Trish McEvoy is an ultimate Lady boss, remaining loyal to her values and message to all women. Applying makeup is not the act in itself that is important,  but the confidence it creates. 

It will be a day I won’t forget in a long time! Meeting this lady was just so inspirational. You can find  Trish McEvoy counters at Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Liberty In London. ( Please note the engraving service is only at Selfridges London) 

Thank you so much for reading, I love sharing this space with you all. The event and planner were gifted by Trish Mcevoy, however, all thoughts and words are my own. 

Much Love, 

Tia x 

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