Planning Wonderful ​things for 2019​

Happy New Year Friends, hasn’t 2019 come around so quickly? I do love the festive season and the rest during holidays, but by New years eve I’m itching to get my teeth into a routine and planning exciting adventures for the new year.

I love diaries and planners, I’m yet to adjust to an online diary ( I do try every year)! I’m trying the Google calendar alongside these wonderful items I’m about to show you. These products are all from women whom I admire, women who are mothers, women who have taken the leap into creating products and running a small business. So every time I open one of these items, there’s a deeper message. One that drives me too! One that feels like I’m part of a larger community, a tribe of women striving for more!

First up is my hardback personalised diary from Martha Brook London. I love this diary. I love the colour and the message. Inside it’s a week over 2 pages which is perfect for my schedule. It’s pages are made of quality paper and there is a large section at the back for notes! Perfect in every way. Does the job nicely. You can purchase this one from the link here – also check out Martha Brooks Instagram pages here to keep up to date with their latest news. I regularly work with the Martha Brook team and its always a pleasure to show off their gorgeous products.

Next up I’d like to tell you about this beautiful project planner from Fraser & Parsley. Having my own business, as well as keeping up with home requirements means that I have to be pretty organised to get things done on time. My work involves photo shoots, blog posts, influencer campaigns etc. So to keep on top of things, I must write things down. The Fraser and Parsley project planner is absolutely perfect for projects such as mine, that require lots of elements to make the finished product. It feels rather special from the moment you touch it. Fraser and Parsely have a personalising service and is a lovely finishing touch to such a special book. take a look here to find a more detailed view inside.

Beautiful marbling with lots of project planning space. A section at the back for numbers and budgets. The Perfect Project planner

Fraser and Parsley also have a genius meal planner which I am so excited to try this year. Meal times are such a chore in a busy family household. Especially for people like me who like to cook from scratch. It has a schedule for every day of the week and a tear-out section for the weekly shop. Simple, efficient and really pleasing to look at! You can purchase Fraser and Parsely products from their site here – you will find a wide array of planning and organising tools, that would also make lovley gifts.

I have been very lucky to have learned organisation skills earlier on in my life. Planning and organisation help with clarity and calm. Living the fast-paced life that we live today, we generally walk around in a fluster. I am a very busy person so without good planning & journaling to gather myself, my life would be hectic. This is something I certainly want to teach my children. While researching for this blog post I was so thrilled to stumble on ‘ The Happy Self-Planner’. A journal for 6-12 year olds that promotes happiness and develops positive habits. Creator Francesca Geens is a productivity strategist and developed this amazing journal for young minds. I really am looking forward to journaling with my children this year. You can purchase ‘The Happy Self Journal’ Here

For small hands
the bright yellow journal is perfectly formed.
Attractive to a wide age range.
My daughter reading with my niece

I really am excited about the year ahead, it has been a couple of years now that I have been growing my business through social media and it’s been such a pleasure to find like-minded women along the way. Not only do I find these products fabulous ( that’s why I picked them to talk about) but I believe that supporting other women in their ventures is something I am really drawn towards.

Planning, I have found is the key to success. Visualising your goals, working towards them in an organised fashion equals achievement and happiness.

I have really loved working on this blog post. It is with huge thanks to Martha Brook London, Fraser & Parsley and The Happy Self Journal that it’s been possible….. and you ,of course, for reading.

I personally wish you happy and Successful 2019

Much Love

Tia xx

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