Spring Summer Style with Marks & Spencer

When I was solely a photographer, I would often watch bloggers going to press events and wish that one day I could be invited to one of these previews of things that would be on offer for the following season.

Since starting my blog, I have been lucky enough to attend a few, so instead of sharing what I saw on instagram stories, I thought I would share my experience on here, with some of you who don’t blog but wonder what it’s all about.

I never saw myself as a style blogger, mine was a general lifestyle blog. What I got up to, where I went, the things I used, however, this has slowly an inevitably become fashion related too.

As I got more involved with bloggers I started to pay attention to the clothes I was wearing. I ditched the black mummy leggings and started to get adventurous and colourful and I’m really starting to enjoy fashion again. Something I left behind when I had my first baby.

M & S really wasn’t somewhere I shopped for fashion before if I’m honest, it was the place I bought my underwear as most of us do! But, as I saw more and more of it on social media, I soon realised, that I was missing a ‘thing’ and M & S were selling gorgeous clothes that I was missing out on. So it was really lovely to be invited to preview the new Spring Summer collection for 2019.

What I instantly noticed about the collection was the lovely soft colour palette. I’m a huge fan of subtle colour and M & S gets it spot on this spring/summer. Neutral earthy shades and pastel colours against timeless denim is the general theme, and it all worked so well together.

I wear denim a lot and loved all the variations that M & S came up with for the season. Particularly crushing on the dress and trainers.

Earthy neutrals styled together here is something I normally wouldn’t do, I would normally team this up with something darker or lighter, but looking at the collection I have learned that you can wear different tones of layered neutrals and it can work really well.

Zebra print is certainly the new leopard print this season, and I can’t get of enough it. I am a huge fan of animal print and think this outfit is one of my favourites.

I am also loving the maxi skirt length this summer. Longer skirts always compliment my height ( I am 5ft 2″). So am thrilled to see this trend develop, and really like this collection below.

The season’s colours continued into the men’s and children’s collection including the soft pastels into the men’s Dept. The pink suit is my favourite of course.

Nautical Stripes always look lovely on children and the seaside soft playful theme really made me smile.

After viewing the collection its always lovely to catch up with other bloggers friends. It’s a chance to mingle and chat all things Instagram, trends and have some office banter, as we tend to work alone most of the time. Press events are an opportunity to do some office team building in the freelance sense. I really liked the monstera leaf theme in the cafe area. I shall be trying this to add colour to my interiors when I get home. I also love the clear vases that display the single stalk. Rattan is also on trend this season and I can’t wait to make some garden purchases for long lazy summer days.

So there you have it friends, The lovely M & S collection for Spring Summer. What’s your favourite?

I was kindly invited to this event by my friend Vicki @inpolife who I was photographing for her month-long collaboration with M & S. Hop on over to her instagram to see more and hop on over to the Marks and Spencer website here. https://www.marksandspencer.com and watch out for some of the pieces you’ve seen above.

I’d also like to add that this blog post was not sponsored and just an account of my day. Thanks for reading loves.

Tia x

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