Autumnal Table settings with Arthur Price Cutlery

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post. I almost forgot, that unlike Instagram, you can explain so much more about the thought process behind a photoshoot or the details of a day. It really gives me a chance to express all the intricacies, anyhow… lets begin!

I’ve worked with Arthur price for a while now, it came about as I started taking more creative photos for Instagram, decorating my teacups with flowers… remember that? . My first Arthur Price cutlery was purchased when I got married. I added the gorgeous set to my John Lewis wedding list, and I still use it to this day. The quality and design are outstanding and I have used them everyday and for special occasions for 15 years.

So I was absolutely thrilled when they asked me to create a tablescape for Autumn. My husband is Canadian and we celebrate Thanksgiving every year, so this was a perfect opportunity to style the setting. Who wants to wait for Christmas after all?

I worked with Your London Florist to create 3 tablescapes that you can create at home or take inspiration from to create something personal for yourself.

The first we kept simple by adding investment pieces that you can use over and over again, like timeless candle holders and a neutral coloured linen table cloth and napkins. These 3 items can make an average dinner a little more special for any occasion. You can then go on to include small seasonal items to tie in the theme. If you don’t have a big budget for flowers, you can use small bottles for single stems, you can forage for leaves and branches in the garden to add an organic element to your table. Mini Pumpkins are an inexpensive way to add some pretty to a table and can be saved and used for Halloween, they are the perfect accent for Autumnal styling.

If you can’t source these mini pumpkins, I also loved the foraged fern to finish the napkin on the plate – I used twine to secure it to the napkin that you can untie easily . Adding small elements like this always makes such a difference to a table.

Lastly the cutlery set I chose from Arthur Price was a simple modern design called ‘Willow’. Just the right weight, with simple smooth lines, this contempary design would withstand the test of time and fashion. It could be used for everyday purposes or saved for special occasions. A versatile design, that looks the part for every occasion.

If you have a bigger budget to incorporate a floral centre piece, then go for something seasonal too. Dahlias are a beautiful autumn flower and come in a variety of colours. You can pimp up your simpler table setting by adding a a pop of Autumnal colour, and carrying through the theme to your candles. We’ve added a burgundy accents with a non traditional purples and lilacs to this tablescape here, and I think it looks fab! Lots of people are afraid to use colour, but if you invest in neutral colour plates, tablecloths and cutlery – flowers are great way to invite colour to your setting.

Again you can see, that the cutlery works so well, when you change the theme. Arthur price have sets available to purchase or you can collect different pieces separately, and build your collection over time.

The third setting, we wanted to really up the colour, so we removed the table cloth to let the vintage table add to the warm hues. We changed the candlesticks to gold ones, used various autumnal colour candles and added various tea light holders and added more flowers to the whole setting. It’s bright, colourful and fun. Setting a table for a special occasion can be a chance to really get creative. Add and takeaway elements till you are happy with how it looks, add various heights to create interest and don’t be afraid to mismatch items.

In every setting the cutlery looks flawless every time.

The key to a lovely table setting is to have fun! Purchase timeless staples that you can build on for every occasion.

The items we used for the above Table settings are as follows

Cutlery – 76 Piece Willow Box Set – Arthur Price – can be purchased here
Plates – Marks and Spencers can be purchased here
Tablecloth & Napkins – H & M Home can be purchased here
Flowers, Vases, Candleholders – Supplied and styled by Your London Florist
Leaf Plates – MW Ceramics

American Thanksgiving date this year – 28th November
Candian Thanksgiving date this year – 14th October

Wishing you all a very Happy Harvest season, and I hope you found my tips useful. This post is a paid partnership with Arthur Price England, however all thoughts and views are my own.

Much Love

Tia x

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