Coaching Sessions with Wonder Source

I didn’t think I needed a coach. In fact, if I’m honest, I never knew what one really does. What do I need a coach for anyway? What do I need coaching in? What does a coach do… I guess I pondered these questions in the past but never did anything about it. 

One day an email popped in my inbox from Wonder Source offering me a chance to try a coach, in exchange for a review of my experience. Hmmmm, that sounded fun and interesting. Yes why not, I could experience this service and share with my lovely followers what I got to learn . This is the purpose of my blog and it just fitted so well with what I do. 

So Wonder Source – How does it work? The lovely Michelle was on hand to listen to where I thought I may need a little help, and pointed me in the direction of the coaches she had in her directory that would fit my needs. 

She gave me an option of three coaches to narrow it down for me. There are many coaches in the Wonder Source directory and if you look at the choices available , you’ll  fancy a bit of help from everyone. So, it was handy to have Michelle to help steer me in the right direction. 

After reading through the three coaches skills, and what they specialised in , I chose a coach called Lucy Hackshaw from Flux. What stuck out for me was the word ‘Entrepreneur’  thats certainly me, and her specialism was anxiety and burnout! Yep thats me too. Her face was kind and inviting and my gut chose her ( I always go with my gut).

So what next Wonder source? Well the great thing about this, was I didn’t need to go anywhere, after I chose my coach, all  I needed was my phone or my computer for a conference call. Pyjamas are perfectly fine attire! Yay! and so we set a date for a call. 

Whats fabulous about this service is that you can ‘Try before you buy’ so I had an initial FREE 15 minute meeting with Lucy so we could get to know each other, before I committed to further coaching sessions. 

Lucy made me feel at ease, comfortable, and totally myself. My gut kicked in once more and knew she would be perfect for my experience. We agreed a date for the following week to have a 45 minute session. 

What was I going to talk about? Where do I start? What do I say…. all the questions and a little bit of anxiety before I had the call, but when we got talking , it was within minutes that I settled into chatting about my day, my work, my life. What I loved the most, was that it was a two way conversation, unlike a counsellor who mostly listens. Lucy listened and offered constructive advice, on how I could use techniques to add to my day. She took notes on what I said, and presented me with my journey and how much I had achieved. She picked up on what made me tick and pointed out my qualities. I left the call buzzing with excitement about how I was going to turn these points we spoke about, into action. I immediately changed my instagram profile blurb based on what we discussed and felt empowered and happy. 

So thats what a coach is!!!!! Why have I never had one before?!!!!

The second session was two weeks later, just enough to have a think about what I needed help with. 

Well, the date arrived and I was flustered, I didn’t make notes and was rather frazzled after my little boy had been unwell that week and news of Corona coming to the UK on the news, I was on edge and anxious. I thought about cancelling, what was the point if I was like this? but then I felt bad and decided to go with it. I am so glad I did!! Lucy calmed me, reminded me that I was human, and that it was ok to feel like this, and we gently took the session – bring prompted to talk about the things I needed help with. Things like over committing, things like understanding my limit, taking time to plan and think ahead to avoid burn out. 

It was just what I needed. I left the conversation revitalised and happy. the perfect medicine for a stressful week, that looked bleak. 

So there it is, my whole experience, as I experienced it. 

Would I recommend it? Highly – In fact am going to continue to pay for sessions with Lucy, she makes me feel better. She makes what I think is bad into good. She finds things that I can’t see and points them out. She’s gentle, easy going and so easy to talk to. She’s not my husband, sister or friend. She’s not making pre-judgments about things, she’s seeing things as I explain them on a fresh new page, and echoing them back with wisdom, advice, direction and positivity. 

I truly loved my coaching experience and am so thankful to Wonder Souce for finding Lucy for me. 

Lucy Hackshaw

This blogpost was in collaboration with Wondersource, however all thoughts are my own. Thank you for taking the time to have a read 

Much love 

Tia x 

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